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REVERIFICATION OF MOBILE NUMBER with AADHAR for NRI, Sr.Citigens and Physically Challanged Persons

REVERIFICATION OF MOBILE NUMBER  with AADHAR for  NRI, Sr.Citigens and Physically Challanged Persons


bsnl broadband speed test my pc

bsnl broadband speed test my pc

go to the site

click on GO

site will calculate speed and shows the results

how to know bsnl sim owner name

how to know bsnl sim owner name

Go to the nearest customer service center then you can know bsnl sim owner name

or login in to bsnl self web care portal with otp there also you may find owner name

bsnl call details record online

bsnl call details record online
View your BSNL SIM Last Five Events Calls Through WEB
go to

 Enter you Mobile Number and click on GET OTP

OTP will be sent to your mobile
enter the OTP
then following page opens
Where three tabs are provided

click on  Account
   click on Last Five Events

 A new WEB SELF CARE is developed for our valued Prepaid customers, which is more user friendly and enables the customers to select the plans, STVs etc., by browsing into the pop-up menus with ease.
 The URL address is :

 The amount deducted from cash balance in main account, amount deducted towards activation of STVs/Plan Change is exclusive of ST. This will help the customer to save money. This portal is also having a link to BSNL ITPC Portal with banking gateway. If the customer is not having sufficient cash balance in his account, he can use this link to top-up his prepaid account.

BSNL WINGS Closed User Group(All India IP Centrex)

A user can setup a WINGS closed user group across the country with both fixed line and mobile users of BSNL as members of the group. The users include both NGN and Non NGN customers of BSNL. This facility can be availed after paying a nominal charge per month per user of IP Centrex facility. It allows small and medium size enterprises to deploy PABX/ CUG service without really installing system physically in their premises. You can have a PAN India IP centrex i.e. numbers anywhere in the country can be brought into a single Centrex group.
Click Here for video commercial

  • WINGS closed user group allows small and medium size enterprises to deploy PABX/ CUG service without really installing system physically in their premises.
  • IP Centrex has no limitation of Zone. It is PAN India Service.
  • A customer can have a PAN India closed user group i.e. numbers anywhere in the country can be brought into a single group. Each member of the group can access the other by dialling a short code.
  • The WINGS Closed User Group supports different types of terminals of the enterprise in the same group, such as mobile terminals, landline phones.
  • Number Presentation/CLIP of intra-CENTREX call is the short number.
  • Dialling with the long number is recognized as off-net call, even if the caller and callee are Centrex users and in the same group.
  • It works between Fixed line & mobile Subscribers.
  • A CUG Group can have max 10,000 subscribers.
  • Customer can request for any short code range except starting with 0, 1 and 9.
  • A CUG GSM Mobile customer can also avail Centrex calling while roaming any wherein India with in BSNL network.
  • If a BSNL mobile subscriber roams to other operator’s network, he can’t use the CUG service.

Promotional IP CENTREX FACILITY(Wings Closed User Group) (Post Paid Scenario) :-

No. of Customers in Group 
Monthly Plan Charges Intra SDCA(in Rs.) 
Monthly Plan Charges Intra Circle(in Rs.)
Monthly Plan Charges Inter Circle(in Rs.)
GroupBSNL landlineBSNL LL + BSNL MobileBSNL LL + BSNL Mobile
Security DepositNil  
 i) Less than 25(Monthly rental)
(ii) Equal to or more than 25(Monthly rental)
Rs.15/- per connectionRs.25/- per connectionRs.50/- per connection
Call charges within same group with short codeNil 
IP CENTREX FACILITY (Post Paid Scenario) :-

No. of Customers in Group 
Monthly Plan Charges Intra SDCA(in Rs.) * 
Monthly Plan Charges Intra Circle(in Rs.)
Monthly Plan Charges Inter Circle(in Rs.)
Less than 255075150
Equal to or More than 256090180
  * In case of GSM Mobile Intra SDCA tariff is not applicable

Note :- 
i. Master number can be any BSNL landline of NGN, EWSD or 5ESS ( at present CDOT,OCB and AXE exchange are not supporting this feature as master billing and as part of group). 
ii. IP Centrex group may have 10000 members in a group. For creation of IP Centrex group for more than 10000 NCNGN Circle may be contacted through EB Cell/Circle. 
iii. Intra SDCA is applicable to landline number only as part of group. (Useful for apartment, group housing society, colony etc.) 
iv. Call made by full number dialing instead of short dialing will be charges as per existing landline or mobile plan. 
v. GSM mobile customers can make Centrex calling as Access code 1286(1261-Old Code) + Short code. 
vi. For GSM Mobile customers while roaming no additional charge for Centrex calling if possible. 
vii. Sulabh connection can be part of group (on request) but cannot be master of the IP Centrex group. 
viii. Billing/deduction of rental is to be from respective prepaid and postpaid account of individual group number but in case of default billing to be borne by master number. 
ix. It will be responsibility of applicant to ensure group numbers provided their consent to be part of IP Centrex Group. 
x. The tariff order will be applicable for a period of 90 days with effect from 7th Feb, 2017

BSNL WINGS VIDEO CONFERENCE (Multimedia Video Conferencing)

Using this service a NGN fixed line users can setup an audio conferencing or video conferencing between himself and up to 29 more participant. Customer can schedule an Audio/ Video conference any time at his own desire, by adding participant numbers to the conference. Any Fixed line / Mobile customer can be invited to participate in the conference.


  • PAN INDIA Service For Subscribers of All Types of Network
  • MMVC service (Pilot No.) would be provided to BSNL NGN Landline only.
  • Using NGN Conference Portal, chairperson can have
    • Scheduled Conference – which means the conference will be created in a scheduled time.
    • Instant Conference – which means the conference is created instantly after scheduling successfully.
  • Chairperson can schedule Voice / Video / Data Conference, at his will, by adding participant numbers to the conference. Any NGN / Landline / BSNL /Any operator Mobile customers can be invited to participate in the conference.
  • The Personal Address Book service in the portal enables conference schedulers to add contacts in their personal address books to the participant list.
  • Participants invited to Scheduled conference can be notified through email and calendar invitations.
  • Before the conference starts, the conference scheduler can modify or cancel the conferences scheduled by him.
  • The conference scheduler can query the information of the current conferences or history conferences scheduled by him.
  • Automated Dial Out option is available for Scheduled conferences.
  • It allows three or more users registered and authorized to join in a multimedia conference and communicate in real-time using audio and video.
  • It is possible to use audio, video and text such as power point presentations (PPTs) simultaneously.
  • It is possible to record the conference.
  • Conference coordinator have control options like muting certain participants, making a particular participant invisible from others, document sharing, voting for a decision.
  • It is possible to include any combination of phones, SIP terminals and PC/mobile Soft-clients in a conference.
  • Customer should have at least one BSNL IMS/ PSTN number to avail the BSNL Wings Video Conference service

How BSNL Wings Video Conference works ?
  • Customer will be provided with the userid and password for login into the NGN conference portal to schedule the conference.
  • Participant can dial the bridge number 12502 or +918024441555 and access the conference by entering conference id and password communicated via SMS and email. Participants can also join the data or video conference on laptop/ PC through NGN Conference Portal, or through various app provided for mobiles (like m-meeting)

Promotional Tariff for MMVC for a period of 90 days w.e.f 07.02.2017.

ParticularsAudio ConferenceVideo/Data/Video+Data+Audio Conference
Security Deposit NILNIL
Bridge usage charges; 
No. of Participants Session length charges in( Rs.) Session length charges in( Rs.)
2-30Rs.1/Minute/ participantRs.1/Minute/ participant
31-60Rs.1/Minute/ participantNot applicable 
Call charges for joining conferenceNIL w.r.t BSNL N/W through access code 12502
Any other charges(i.e. resheduling,cancellation,recording,SMS etc)NilNil
Note: Landline should not be O/G barred / Disconnected due to non-payment.

Normal Tariff

ParticularsAudio ConferenceVideo Conference
Fixed monthly charges Rs. 25/-Rs. 200/-
Bridge usage chargesNILNIL
No. of ParticipantsSession length Charges in (Rs.)Session length Charges in (Rs.)
0-3Rs.10/MinRs. 200/ per MCU
4-10Rs.10/MinRs. 350/- per MCU
11-20Rs. 15/MinRs. 600/- per MCU
21-30Rs. 15/MinRs. 1000/- per MCU
Each Pulse duration of 15 min

Bill Discounts:-
  • No Discount up to Rs. 5000/-
  • 5% between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9999/-
  • 10% between Rs. 10000 to Rs. 19999/-
  • 20%> Rs. 20000/- and above.

BSNL Limited Fixed Mobile Telephony

Limited Fixed Mobile Telephone is facility of fixed telephone number with O/G and I/C calls on smart mobile devices such as smart phones with wi-fi facility. The smart phone need to download App and with connectivity with BSNL broadband modem (say on wi-fi) the customer can receive and also able to make outgoing calls using Limited Fixed Mobile Telephony App available on smart phone handsets. This service is in no way linked with mobile operator service / customer SIM in mobile handset. This service can be availed as add on service for existing BSNL customer having BSNL broadband / Combo or new customer opting for BSNL broadband Combo. Separate telephone number will be provided to customer to avail this service.

This service will give advantage of smart phones like using contacts, logs and better voice quality where mobile signals are poor. In order to restrict usage with in customer premises ( office or residence) , the BSNL broadband will have to be provided and use with will  restricted to access through BSNL broadband of customer at Residence / office only. Limited FMT Call charges will be as applicable for basic service.

Limited FMT Tariff for existing & new customers:

Fixed monthly chargesNo separate Fixed monthly charges for Limited FMT service
2Registration ChargesNIL
3Installation & Activation ChargesNil ( No instruments / handset by BSNL)
4Initial DepositNil, if security already taken against existing plan, else Rs.500 for local + STD & Rs.2000/- for local + STD + ISD
5Free CallsNil
6Call ChargesFor new customer As per Basic/Broadband Combo Plan
For existing customer As per existing Basic/Broadband combo plan.
7Static IP for Broadband PlanStatic IP is free for Limited FMT Plan irrespective of Broadband FMC charge
8Data ChargesData must be counted in BSNL broadband usage and part of broadband.
9Applicability of night free calling & all Sundays scheme.Yes

Limited FMT Tariff for BB only & Internet leased line customers:

Fixed monthly chargesNIL
2Registration ChargesNIL
3Security DepositIf sufficient security deposit is not available against BB only plan/ILL.
aLocal + STDRs.500/-
bLocal +STD+ISDRs.2000/-
4Installation chargesNil
5Free callsNil (Free night calling & All Sunday free calling scheme allowed)
6Call ChargesRs.1.10 (Local + STD) on all network
Pulse rateAs per basic landline plan
8ISD chargesAs per basic plan
9Rental for static IPFree static IP will be provided if existing BB only plan is without static IP.
10Data ChargesData be counted in BSNL broadband/Internet LL usage and part of broadband/Internet LL

WINGS FOLLOW ME (Fixed mobile convergence) BSNL

BSNL provides WINGS Follow Me services between mobile and IMS Fixed (landline). It is one type of Call forwarding or call follow service. Customer can divert the incoming calls of other numbers in the Group to any one number in the group. This means customer do not miss any call at any time and remains always in touch with the world

View the Video Commercial

  • It enables users multiple number services at one place.
  • It is possible to terminate the call on either of the numbers or both the numbers in parallel or in a sequential manner.
  • It is postpaid service.
  • Maximum 9 numbers can be added in a Follow me group including the primary number which should be a NGN Landline.
  • Any number can be mapped as connect number for receiving the calls by dialling the activation code from any number in FMC group.
  • Deactivation can be done from any number in the FMC group.

How WINGS Follow Me Works?

Service Activation Code: 12891xx (where xx = 71 to 79).
Service De-activation Code: 12891xx (where xx = 88).
Suppose subscriber has three numbers of BSNL:
A --- home number. (Activation code 1289171)
B --- office number (Activation code 1289172)
C --- mobile number (Activation code 1289173)
Any subscriber D (BSNL or other PLMN) calls above number.
When User is at home and he can receive all incoming calls on the home number by dialling 1289171 from either A,B or C.
When user is in office and he can receive all incoming calls by the office number by dialling 1289172 from either A,B or C.
When User goes outside and he can receive all incoming calls on the mobile number by dialling 1289173 from either A,B or C.

FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) tariff  (under Post Paid Scenario) –

Promotional Tariff plan for fixed mobile convergence (FMC) service in case of intra circle:-
Number of members in FMC Intra Circle Monthly charges (in Rs.) 
upto 3Nil 
4 to 6
7 to 9

i. The master billing number must be NGN IMS number. Billing will be done on this master number only.
ii. As part of this service customer can register up to 9 other BSNL numbers (combination of GSM+IMS PSTN only) including IMS master landline.
iii. This service is applicable for BSNL customer only.
iv. FMC works in within same circle only.
v. FMC is not available while roaming.
vi. No separate security deposit is required for this service.
vii. It will be responsibility of applicant to ensure FMC group numbers provided are either of his/her own or friends/family after consent from them. 
The tariff order will be applicable for 90 days with effect from 7th Feb, 2017 

BSNL Mobile Data Offload (MDO) WI-FI Service

BSNL Mobile Data Offload (MDO) WI-FI Service
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question 1: What is WiFi MDO HotSpot ?
Answer: WiFi MDO Hotspot is a location where BSNL mobile
customers (Pre-paid & Post paid) can access Mobile internet
through wide band WiFi networks for faster speed, once they
enter into the Hotspot area.
Question 2: Is the BSNL MDO facility available to other Telco
customers like Airtel customers?
Answer: No. Only BSNL customers (both prepaid and
postpaid) can access this facility.
Question 3: Any Pre-requisites for accessing MDO services?
Answer: BSNL QMDO services are available on all WiFi
enabled mobile handsets which support EAP-SIM-AKA. The
customer should also have an active BSNL Data package
(prepaid or postpaid).
Question 4: How to latch on to MDO ?
Step-1: Enable WiFi in the handset having BSNL SIM (one
time procedure).
Step-2: Select ‘BSNL-QMDO’ SSID ( one time procedure )
Step-3: Select authentication mode as 'EAP-SIM' and you
are connected.
Question 5: What are the charges applicable?
Answer: Charges applicable shall be as per the existing Data
Package availed by the customer.
Question 6: What are the advantages?
Customers will be able to access high speed internet at
2G/3G data price.
2G/3G MDO seamless connectivity with no additional
Question 7: Is internet through WiFi available for Non-BSNL
Answer: Yes. Non-BSNL customers can also avail internet
services through Wi-Fi by subscribing BSNL pre-paid Wi-Fi Data
Package online.
Steps to invoke WiFi Mobile Data Offloading (BSNL-QMDO)
on BSNL Mobiles
BSNL customers using iPhones need to download MDO

BSNL SELFCARE - New Menu based short code: *123#

SELFCARE - New Menu based short code: *123#
Feature Menu No. Sub-Menu Sub menu List Direct Short codes
For Balance Enquiry 1 No -- *123*1#
Scratch Card Recharge 2 No -- *123*(ScratchCardPin)#
Current Tariff Plan 3 No -- *123*3#
Tariff plan change 4 No -- ---
STV menu (STV Subscribe,STV Enquiry) 5 Yes STV Subscribe: 1 ---
STV Enquiry: 2 *123*5#
Friends and Family menu $$ 6 Yes View: 1 For F&F View: *123*12#
Add: 2 To Add: *123*7*<mobile no.>#
Modify: 3 To modify: *123*10*<old no.>*<new no>#
Others menu:
View Last 5 Calls,
Change Tariff Plan,
Third Party Recharge  
7 Yes View Last 5 Call: 1 View Last 5 Calls: *123*9#
Change Tariff Plan: 2 ---
Third Party Recharge: 3 *123*18*<MSISDN>*<Act.code>#
$$ Enter LL no. prefix with 0& mobile no. without 91
SELFCARE - New selfcare short code: 123
Feature SMS format Example
Balance Enquiry BAL  
Scratch Card Recharge SCR<space><activation code> SCR 1238973737383333
Enquire currently active STVs in a no. STVINFO  
To check Data STVs STVHLP<space>(Bundle Group) STVHLP DATA
To check voice STVs STVHLP VOICE
To check Combo STVs STVHLP COMBO
To check roaming STVs STVHLP ROAM
To subscribe an STV STVSUB<space>(Bundle Id) STVSUB CTDDATA98
View Last 5 call history HISTORY  
View F& F nos. currently active FNFVIEW  
Modify current F& F nos. FNFMOD<space><Old_MSISDN><space> <New_MSISDN> FNFMOD 8901569187 8901610005
Add new F& F number FNFADD<space><MSISDN> to add FnF, FNFADD 8901569197
Add new F& F number (Jai Jawan) PMJADD<space><MSISDN> PMJADD 8902211454
Current Tariff Plan active CTP  
All Tariff Plan list LTP  
Changeing Tariff Plan MTP<space><New_Tariff_Plan> MTP PERSEC
Third Party Recharge TPR<space><destination MSISDN><space><Scratch card code> TPR 8901610005 389283922999998
SELFCARE - ISD Selfcare short code: 123
Feature SMS format
To activate ISD facility ACTISD<space>YES
To stop/deactivate ISD facility ACTISD<space>NO

BSNL Gifting of Talk Time

Procedure for Gifting Amount
Sl. No. Process Keyword
1. Registration: Customer has to register one time by sending SMS to 54455. Customer will receive a PIN which is to be retained by him/her for all future gift transactions. Type REGISTER PTOP and send sms to 54455.
(Rs 2/- will be deducted from main balance)
2. Help Information : If subscriber want help how to gift the airtime to the end subscriber then send SMS from registered mobile number Type HELP and send to 54455
3. Gifting : A registered subscriber can gift the airtime to other bsnl prepaid subscriber. Type GIFT<space>Mobile no.<space>Amount<space>MPIN and send to54456.
(Rs 3/- will be deducted from main balance)
4. To Know Your Password : Registered subscriber can know his password by sending an sms. Type REGISTER PTOP and send sms to 54455.
5. Change password: Registered user can also change the password by sending the SMS from the registered mobile number. Type CHANGE PTOP<space>oldpassword<space>newpassword and send to 54455
Other conditions:
  1. Gifting of talk time can be done up to 30 Times from BSNL prepaid mobile in a month i.e.One transaction in a day.
  2. Gifting is possible in multiples of Rs.10/- to a maximum of Rs.100/- each time.Hence maximum Gift can be given by source MSISDN is Rs.3000/- per month.
  3. The customer should maintain a minimum balance of Rs.50 in main account apart from the gifting amount plus Rs.3 for SMS charges. Otherwise the transaction will fail. For example to gift Rs.10, customer should have minimum Rs.63(50+10+3) in his main account.
  4. Gifting can be done only to local BSNL GSM numbers.

Activation of Selected STVs through USSD Shortcode *444# , under GSM Prepaid mobile services

Activation of Selected STVs through USSD Shortcode *444# , under GSM Prepaid mobile services
Activation of Selected STVs through USSD Shortcode *444# , under GSM Prepaid mobile services
 It is hereby conveyed  for the Launch of [ Activation of Selected STVs  through USSD Short code *444# along with direct shortcode *444*MRP# ( ex. *444*4# , *444*18# etc) ], under GSM  Mobile Pre-paid services in CH TD (including Tamil Nadu LSA ).

The following Selected STVs are available through USSD Short Code as on date  




















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