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BSNL Call Waiting

Call Waiting

This feature enables you to speak to two callers,one at a time,without hanging up on either one of them.When this network service is activated,the network notifies you of a new incoming call while you have a call in progress.If another person tries calling you midway through a conversation , he/she will hear a message informing him/her that your line is busy,while you will hear beeps at intervals. You can accept the second call while putting the first call on hold.

To Start Enter *43*#OK
To Stop Enter *43*#OK
To Reject the Waiting Call Enter 0 OK
To Put Your Current call on Hold Enter 2 OK
To Switch Between Calls Enter 2 OK
To End your Current Call and take the call on Hold Enter 1 OK

Since this facility involves two conversations , you will be charged airtime rate for two calls. (The time you are actually talking and the time spent on 'hold')

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