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Pattern-1 Numbers

Sample Numbers available for Auction
Sample Pattern-1 Numbers :
Mobile Number
Starting Price

Pattern-2 Numbers

Sample Numbers available for Auction
Sample Pattern-2 Numbers :
Mobile Number
Starting Price

Pattern-3 Numbers

Sample Numbers available for Auction
Sample Pattern-3 Numbers :
Mobile Number
Starting Price

Mobile Numbers of extreme demand having some specific 
sequence which makes your communication identity 
simpler are termed as Vanity/Fancy/Premium Numbers.
 These numbers are segregated into different patterns 
depending on their sequence of repetition and 
Now the BSNL is intended to set a platform in order to make these
 Premium numbers available for the customers who are more 
fascinated towards Fancy Numbers.
As the demand is extremly high these numbers are pooled for
 auction so that every individual can make out a chance to grab
 the number of their choice by participating in Auction conducted on 
this website. As a whole this Website sets a transparent medium
which opens a way to explore our valuable services to the public.

O/o General Manager(Developement),
Information Technology Project Circle,
Telephone Bhavan, Saifabad,



Select Your choice number online
Select Your BSNL Number Online
go to link

click on your state

browse or search for numbers

click on Fancy numbers menu to see fancy numbers

select number

click reserve number

it will ask for your mobile number to send pin sms

once received sms click on application form

enter the pin

then download application form and approach customer service center

1) The Customer can select any One GSM Mobile number of his choice from the available numbers. On his/her selection of choice number (Max. No 1) the customer will get an SMS with a PIN of 7 Digits Preceeding with 'FANCY' which is Valid for 48.hrs Only (i.e Calendar date). The customer need to input the PIN received through SMS in the web site confirming the selection is over and taken.

2) Now the customer is free to approach the nearest Customer Service Center only and give the details of Mobile Number and PIN received to get the selected Fancy number across the counter by submitting the requisite Documents, payment of price

The customer can obtain a choice for GSM Mobile Number either through internet or by using SMS
query from his existing mobile number and get a choice list of 10 numbers or by approaching the
Customer Service Centre or from Franchisee / Retailer to get the choice numbers.

1. THROUGH INTERNET: - Customer can visit
 and select the numbers of his choice to get 7 digit PIN number on his mobile. Customer need to input the PIN in the website confirming the selection is completed.

On completion of this the PIN will be valid for 72 hours. Now the customer is free to approach the
nearest CSC or Franchisee or Retailer and inform him the mobile number and PIN received to get
the selected choice number across the counter by submitting required documents.

Customer requesting and getting the choice number and selection method.
The customer can send a SMS through his mobile to 53734
NLIST <SPACE><abbreviated circle code><SPACE><1 - 5 digits>
i.e. ending with choice digits 1 to 5.
Note:- Example Abbreviated Circle Code for Madhya Pradesh is MP.
BSNL customers will send message to short code 53734. For customers of other operators, the
SMS code is 9400012345.

The customer will get upto 10 numbers for his choice and allowed to select one among them
within 30 minutes. The customer can reserve the number by sending the following SMS
The selected number will be made available to that customer for Seventy Two (72) hours, so
that he can approach the Nearest CSC/Franchisee along with documents to complete the
The Franchisee / Retailer Requesting the Choice Number / Blocking and activating through
their CTOPUP Number: The Franchisee / Retailer can send a SMS to the designated short code
through his mobile to designated short code like
NLIST <SPACE>><abbreviate circle code><SPACE><1 - 5 digits>
i.e. ending with choice digits 1 to 5.
The Franchisee / Retailer will get 20 numbers for his choice and allowed to select one among
them at a time. The Franchisee / Retailer is allowed to send and reserve the number by sending
The list of numbers will be made available to that Franchisee / Retailer for 4 hours, so that they can
release those numbers to the customer as per choice. The retailer can directly activate any number
through SMS without necessity of confirmation. However in such case, the number will be activated
if choice number is available with the retailer or the retailer will be immediately sent a SMS, if the
number is sold out. (Sold out means either activated already or PINS generated or obtained by
others on query).
ENER<space> <SIM No of seven digits> <space> < PIN/GSM >
Example: ENER 2536471 8262496
SIM Number ---- Last seven digits out of 19 digits. (Ex:- XXXXXXXXXXXX2536471)
PIN Number -- As received by the customer in his mobile. (Ex:- PIN received in the mobile).
The CYMN scheme message to 53734 ( from BSNL Mobile number of customers & CTopup
numbers of Channel Partners) will be free of charge.

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BSNL vanity or Fancy Numbers

Vanity numbers are fancy numbers for BSNL mobiles (postpaid and prepaid). These numbers have combination of digits which gives a special look to the mobile number. Category of vanity numbers and their charges are as follows :
Level No.
Level 1
94120 00000
Rs. 3000/-
94120 94120
94MSC consecutive nos.
94120 23456
Level 2
94MSCa xxxx
94120 30000
Rs. 2000/-
94MS xyxyxy
9412 03 03 03
94 1200 1200
94MSC 94(MSC+1)
94120 94121
Level 3
94MSCa b000
941203 4000
Rs. 1000/-
94MSCa consecutive nos
941204 3456
94MSC MSC MSC (2digit)
94120 120 12
94MSC CSM49 (Mirror)
94120 02149
94MS xy (xy+1) (xy+2)
9412 14 15 16
94MS xxx yyy
9412 000 111
Service Tax as applicable Extra
The above tariff is applicable with effect from 1st March 2007

For e-auction visit
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