Clearbit Connect - Supercharge Gmail

Clearbit Connect - Supercharge Gmail

Find employee email addresses for any company and display useful contextual data for anyone who emails you.
Clearbit Connect puts the information of millions of companies and people at your fingertips, surfacing data on the people who email you in Gmail's sidebar, and allowing you to find anyone's business email with just a few clicks.

## Find any new email

Directly within Gmail's compose window, simply type in a company name and an employee role, and we'll tell you who you should email and everything we know about them.

No more checking multiple email formats manually one-by-one in Rapportive!

## Find out who's behind an email

Know more about who's emailing you — without having to open a new tab. See their their social handles, company role, company size and funding, and much more. Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak)

Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak)

An extension to send secure, encrypted messages through Gmail.
** Don't want others snooping on your email? **

SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts emails you send in Gmail. This happens all on your machine, and the unencrypted text never reaches Google servers. This is useful if you don't want anyone but the intended recipient to ever read your email (i.e. companies, governments, etc.)

** How To Use **

1) Install the extension
2) Refresh Gmail
3) Click on the lock icon next to the compose button
4) Compose your email and send
5) Enter a password, your recipient will need to enter the same password.

** Open source** 

With any security project, community involvement is the key to helping identify flaws and verify the what the app is actually doing. We've posted the entire project on github: Virtru Email Encryption

Virtru Email Encryption

Easy to use client-side encryption for emails and attachments from Gmail and other platforms.
Virtru makes email encryption easier than ever. Set it up in just a minute using your existing email address, and flip a switch to encrypt only the emails that need encryption. Your emails and any file attachments can only be decrypted by the people you authorize. 

Use Virtru to meet HIPAA, CJIS, CFPB, or other compliance regulations, or to simply ensure that third party providers can never access your sensitive content.

Virtru is easy for your recipients, too–they don't need to install anything to read and reply to your emails. And if they want to send their own secure emails, they can download one of Virtru’s free apps or plugs-in to unlock a variety of features: 

• Client-side email and file encryption. Messages are encrypted before they leave your computer.

• You authorize who has access to your content. No one else can decrypt.

• Send to anyone. No manual key exchange, no portals, no new passwords.

• Revoke access to messages and attachments even after they've been opened.

• Set expiration dates for your messages.

• See and control where your messages are forwarded.

• View real-time read receipts to see when recipients have accessed your encrypted messages.

• Helps enable CJIS, HIPAA, CFPB and FERPA compliance.

Virtru also works on mobile with free apps for iOS and Android, as well as on Firefox and Microsoft Outlook on the desktop. Password Alert

Password Alert

Password Alert helps protect against phishing attacks.
If you enter your Google Account password or Google for Work password into anywhere other than Google's sign-in page, you’ll receive an alert, so you can quickly change your password if needed. 

Password Alert also checks each page you visit to see if it's impersonating Google's sign-in page, and alerts you if so.

-- When will Password Alert take effect?
Password Alert will initialize itself the next time you enter your password into

-- Does Password Alert store my password or keystrokes?
No. Password Alert doesn’t store your password or keystrokes -- instead, it stores a secure thumbnail of your password, which it compares against a thumbnail of your most recent keystrokes within Chrome.

-- Where does Password Alert send data?
If you are using Password Alert in a Google Account, Password Alert does not send any data from your local computer. If your Google for Work administrator chooses to deploy Password Alert across your domain, the administrator will receive alerts when Password Alert triggers.

-- What are Password Alert limits?
Password Alert only operates inside the Chrome web browser when Javascript is enabled. Password Alert doesn't protect Chrome Apps or Chrome Extensions, and it only protect incognito tabs if configured at chrome://extensions. It also does not protect passwords for non-Google services.
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