Introduction of FTTH plans ‘Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS63’, ‘Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS64’, ‘Fibro Combo ULD 3999 CS65’ & ‘Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS66’

Double Data Offer with One year Validity Relaunched

Double Data Offer  with One year Validity Relaunched:- 
    Get 18 GB data for 1498,36 GB for 2798, 60 GB for 3998 & 80 GB for 4498. Can be activated thru CtopUp & SMS to 123 (SMS Format : Eg. STV DATA1498) Offer up to 31.03.2017.

Launch of BSNL Mwallet MobiCash on 19-Jan-2017

Launch of BSNL Mwallet MobiCash on 19-Jan-2017

Frequently Asked Questions
1)What is State Bank MobiCash?
State Bank MobiCash is a prepaid virtual mobile wallet on mobile phones. The product is
offered by State Bank of India in collaboration with BSNL. It helps you to do banking
transactions like Deposit and Withdrawal of money, Fund transfers, bill payment, prepaid
mobile top-up, Mobile Recharge. The Bill Payment and Recharge facilities are limited to
BSNL only as of now.
2)How Mobile Wallet is different from mobile banking?
Mobile Banking is a channel which is linked to the customer Bank’s account, whereas
Mobile Wallet is a prepaid payment instrument. Any person without a Bank account may
also apply for a Mobile Wallet.
3)How do I get client/application download into my mobile?
Application can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store. In case the application
cannot be downloaded for any reason, the Services of State Bank MobiCash Mobile
Wallet may be used through SMS.
4)What is CSP?
CSP is Customer Service Point appointed by the Business Correspondence or third party
agents. They are the primarily mom and pop stores owners, small retail store owners or
sellers of BSNL telecom vouchers available near your locality.
5)After I have installed the application, how do I activate it in order to access my
Mobile Wallet account?
Follow the self-registration process in app or through SMS or visit BSNL retailer.
6)What is MPIN?
MPIN is a six (6) digits Mobile Wallet Personal Identification Number or password. MPIN
will be required to carry out every transaction. Default MPIN needs to be changed before
using the service or carrying out any transaction.
7)What if I forget my MPIN?
You can reset your MPIN by clicking on “Forget Password” on Login Screen or can
callCustomer Care Number of SBI. Please change your MPIN before proceeding to do
any transaction.
8)What will happen if I enter wrong MPIN? What if I enter wrong MPIN repetitively?
If Wrong MPIN is entered continuously 3 times. Your MPIN will get block and then you
have to either reset your MPIN or can Customer Care Number of SBI. Please change
your MPIN before proceeding to do any transaction
9)Can I change my M-PIN?
Yes, the MPIN can be changed any time. However, to use the application for the first time,
it is mandatory for you to change the default MPIN and set your own MPIN.
10)Is it necessary for the MPIN to be numeric?
The MPIN has to be numeric only.
11)How much time will it take to generate a new MPIN?
Not more than a minute’s time however completely dependent on internet Network
12)How many users can use this application on a particular mobile phone?
Only one user may register and access his Mobile Wallet on a particular mobile phone.
13)Can any of my SBI accounts be attached to this wallet?
Since it is a prepaid payment instrument, no account can be attached to this wallet.
14)What are the documents required for obtaining a State Bank MobiCash?
Original documents for proof of identity and address as mentioned in AOF should be
submitted for activation of Wallet. These will be verified by the designated bank official at
the linked branch.
15)What are State Bank MobiCash Mobile Wallet opening charges?
The Wallet opening charges are Rs. 20 + ST which is payable at CSP.
16)Is the account opening charges of Rs. 20 refundable?
Account opening charges of Rs. 20 is non-refundable once the wallet is activated.
17)How much amount will be refunded to me in case of non activation of Mobile
In case of non activation of Mobile Wallet, the entire amount will be refunded.
18)How will CSP identify the customer during refund process in case AOF is
For refund, CSPs will ask the customer for the receipt provided to him at the time of
submitting the AOF along with the OTP sent to the customer during notification of AOF
19)What is the minimum balance to be maintained?
No minimum balance has been prescribed at present.
20)What are the Service Charges for State Bank MobiCash?
The schedule of charges for various services is available at BSNL retailer and SBI’s
21)Do I need to pay the service charges even if I try to avail any service but the
transaction fails / don’t proceed?
No. You will be charged only for successful transactions.
22)Do I need to pay the service charges separately to CSPs if I am availing any
service assisted by CSP?
The charges will be deducted from the Wallet balance if available, otherwise there is need
to pay separately.
23)After activation of my services, how can I top-up my Mobile Wallet?
It can be topped up at CSPs locations. You need to go to the nearest CSP for Top- up and
submit cash.
24)Is this service available 24x7 under State Bank MobiCash?
Services delivered at CSP will be available as per their outlet timings. However, other
services on Wallet are available round the clock.
25)How do I locate the CSPs in my area providing Mobile Wallet?
State Bank MobiCash is being offered at CSP locations of BSNL or Customer may
contact SBI customer care.
26)Will State Bank MobiCash Mobile Wallet application run on all types of mobile
The State Bank MobiCash Mobile Wallet application runs on all Android and iOS
application based Mobile Handsets. Your mobile connection should be enabled for GPRS.
Meanwhile, the customers who do not have Smartphones or GPRS may use the services
under State Bank MobiCash using SMS.
27)I am not able to download State Bank MobiCash application. How do i get the
You may use the service over SMS however the business rules (i.e. the transaction limit
etc.) may vary.
28)How do I use SMS based transaction?
A list of key words for SMS based transactions is available with BSNL CSP of your area.
29)What is State Bank Mobile Wallet Number?
The Mobile Wallet Number is the Mobile Number on which the service has been
30)What is State Bank Mobile Wallet I/D?
Unique Identification number assigned to the Customer, It is same as Mobile Wallet
Account Number
31)Can I open a different wallet with same KYC documents?
No. As per RBI guidelines on issuance of Mobile Wallet, one applicant can obtain one
mobile wallet only.
32)Is there any time limit within which I need to visit the bank for AOF submission?
After visiting BSNL CSP, you have to visit the linked SBI Branch and submit AOF
and KYC document during business hours.
33)What happens if I don’t report to the Nodal Branch along with the AOF and
KYC documents?
Your Mobile Wallet account would be activated, only after you submit/show the original
documents for KYC verification at branch.
34)How much memory space is required to install the mobile banking application?
35)How do I setup/activate GPRS on my mobile?
Please contact your Mobile Service Provider for providing the GPRs facility on your Mobile
36)Can I use the Wallet for on-line transactions?
Presently, the Mobile Wallet is not enabled for e-Commerce.
37)Should Contact Centre log in a complaint if it is a 3rd party call (other than the
wallet owner)
No. The call should be from Mobile Wallet holder only.
38) How does change of address is recorded?
As per the present process, there is no provision of recording the change of address. This
is similar to other prepaid instrument/ mobile connection.
39)Why should I Cash in?
The wallet can be loaded with Cash only through Cash-in at BSNL CSPs.Cash in amount
will be used for carrying out day to day transactions like fund transfer, bill pay,
mobile/DTH top-up etc. That stored value can also be used for Cash Withdrawal at CSPs.
40)Am I eligible to earn interest on the Mobile Wallet balance?
The Mobile Wallet is a prepaid account. Therefore, the balance does not earn any interest.
41)What is OTP?
OTP is One Time Password (Six digits numerical) which is generated for carrying out the
CSP assisted transactions e.g. Cash-out.
42)What if the OTP is not received by me?
You may send the repeat request for OTP after 15 minutes if transacting and 2 hours if
43)If I want to continue with the transaction after the expiry of OTP, what should I
You need to generate a new OTP for carrying out the transaction.
44)I have generated OTP and fund has been debited from my account. However, I
have not done any transaction at CSP using OTP. What should I do now?
Will be refunded once OTP is expired
45)What if I need to carry out two different transactions requiring OTP?
For different transactions of different amounts, you will receive two different OTPs.
However, if you need to carry out two different transactions for the same amount, you
have to generate second OTP, only after using the first OTP.
46)How can I cash out / withdraw the balance from my Mobile Wallet?
Cash out is available only for KYC compliant Wallet. For cashing out/ withdrawing cash,
you need to go to a CSP. You need to generate the OTP for Cash Out and advise your
mobile number, amount and OTP to CSP for cash out. CSP will deliver the cash for a
successful transaction. The applicable charges would be deducted.
47)I don’t have the information about MMID of the beneficiary bank account. What
should I do?
You need to obtain the MMID of the beneficiary bank account. If the beneficiary does not
have MMID, he needs to apply to his / her bank to obtain MMID first.
48)Can I view the transactions relating to my account?
Mini statement allows you to view a summary of your last 5 transactions.
49)What are the facilities available under Bill Pay?
Currently, payment of BSNL Mobile/Landline bill is available. However, in future, other bills
like electricity bill, Telephone bill, etc. will be introduced.
50)Will I be charged for paying bills through SBI MobiCash?
You may have to pay the required service charges for bill payment. Please refer to
BSNL CSP for charges or SBI’s website.
51)If I opt for payment of a bill over mobile, later on, can I pay in person?
Yes, you can pay your bills using the traditional channels even if you opt for paying it using
Mobile Wallet.
52)Do I have to pay the entire bill amount?
Yes. Either the complete Bill Amount or more than Bill Amount
53)If there is a problem with my mobile wallet, where should I go or whom shall I
You may call on a Customer Care Number of SBI customer care or Visit nearest
54)What if I lose my mobile phone?
You should block your SIM immediately by calling the telecom service provider.
55)What do I do when I change my handset or mobile number? Do I need to register
For changing Mobile Handset: No you don’t have to register again
For Changing Mobile Number: Yes you need to register again
56)What happens if I don’t use the service, for a period of time, will the wallet be
57)How to close the Mobile Wallet account?
For closing your Mobile Wallet, you need to visit nearest CSP and ask for a closure form.
After filling the form, submit it to the CSP. You are advised to withdraw entire balance
before closing your wallet.
58)May I go to any CSP to close my Mobile Wallet?
Yes. You may visit any BSNL CSP for closing your wallet.
59)What will happen to my balance if I close the State Bank Mobile Wallet?
You are advised to with draw or transfer the entire balance before you close your Mobile
60)Is there a fee for obtaining refunds/ full Cash out on the balance on the State
Bank MobiCash?
The normal Cash Out charges would apply.

Extension of DATA STVs 45 and 89

Extension of DATA STVs 45 and 89
 It is hereby conveyed  for  extension of DATA STVs in CHTD   (including Tamilnadu LSA) under GSM prepaid mobile service
  as a promotional offer  for 90 days from 20.01.2017.
Offer details  :   

Sl. No.
MRP of DATA STVs in Rs.(
Validity (calendar days)#
Total bundled free usage
SMS keyword for self care to 123
Amount to be deducted at IN in Rs.
1. DATA charges after freebies 3p/10KB. DATA charges for APN BSNL stream 25p/MB.
2. # The validity of STV will end at 23:59 hrs of last day irrespective of time of recharge on 1st day(i.e.,) calendar day validity.
3. All other terms and conditions remains the same.

4. The above STVs are extended for 90 days from 20.01.2017 as a promotional offer.
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